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Published September 15th, 2012

What Is Linux and Why Should You Use It

What is an Operating System?
When a car owner needs to get their car repaired, they will have choices as to who they can pay to do the repair. Presumably all the auto mechanics know the inner workings of the car and can make the repair but we all know that some mechanics are better than others. An operating system is a piece of hardware that manages the computer hardware like the screen, keyboard, wireless network card, mouse, etc. (more…)

Published September 11th, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions About Linux Operating Systems

The Linux operating system has gained in popularity in the past few years. This is in large part because it is a free open source program anyone can download and install on their computer. There are some questions people often ask before choosing to install this system. One of the more frequently asked questions is whether the operating system will be able to run Windows programs. Linux itself is not designed to run the code used for creating Windows based (more…)

Published September 7th, 2012

Why Should I Consider Using Linux on My Computer?

If you’re looking to expand your skills in information technology there’s no better way to do that at home than by using Linux. Why? Because Linux is very much like its counterpart operating system: Unix. What does that mean? Well, if you want to break into computer work, knowing Linux means money, dinero, pengar, dinheiro, get the picture? Why is that? Because by installing and running Linux on a computer at home you will be learning many of the basic skills of a systems administrator. (more…)

Published September 6th, 2012

Why Linux is Better Than Windows Operating System

Ever since the release of Linux there has been a debate as to if it is better than Windows and why. Most Linux fans will have a long list of the things the operation system can do better than Windows.

Security is one of the biggest concerns with any computer and Linux shines in this area. Since it is an open source code there are more users able to help track down any issues and resolve them quickly. With guarded code only authorized (more…)

Published September 3rd, 2012

10 Benefits of Using Linux Operating Systems

Although there are plenty of convincing reasons for why Linux is the better operating systems, here are the top ten reasons to consider:

Linux is no cost to you, so any upgrade or new version of the operating system is free of charge and applications, such as office suites, graphics editors are free and preloaded.

Linux is not resistant to viruses, spyware, worms or malware that infect computers, but designed with significantly high protection and security.

Linux is very (more…)